APW Conveyor Toaster AT Express

Conveyor Toaster

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    • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier Malaysia
    • The AT Express small footprint toaster is standard with front loading
    • AT Express Conveyor Toaster has a variable speed control, super feeder, and 1 1/2” high product opening, 10” wide conveyor belt
    • The AT Express ™ generates over 300 slices of toast per hour.
    • Designed to fit into tight space areas on counters.
    • Toasters have extended super feeder and warming area to allow for high volume productions.
    • Unique warming area keeps toast at the perfect temperature until you are ready to serve
    • A variable speed control for the conveyor produces optimum results in toaster color and texture
    • Ability to turn off either the top or bottom element for one sided toasting
    •  Able to handle a variety of breads, bagels or muffins
    •  Protects your employees with “Cool Touch” exterior…top surface
    • Conveyors and crumb trays are easily accessible and simple to clean
    • Removable side panel allows easy access for service
    • AT Express air circulation system keeps cooling air circulating in toaster even after the power switch is turned off protecting components and exteriors from excessive residual heat