Delitas Gas Fryer KF817GR

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  • Up to 30% Less Oil
    Gas delitas 18-liter. oil conserving fryers offer the same production capacity as their 50-lb. competitors, yet take 30% less oil to fill; resulting in less oil used and less oil discarded into the waste stream.

    This open pot fryer’s advanced metal fiber burner technology and precision controls give you excellent temperature regulation. The Delitas fryer features an easy-to-clean open pot design with a deep cold zone to trap sediment away from the cooking area, which increases food quality and prolongs oil life.

    Combine advanced combustion technology with decades of experience and customer’s feedback to set the standard for high efficiency operating.

    Offer standard features that add convenience and ease of use
    – Open frypot is easy to clean
    – Convenient electronic ignition, melt cycle mode and boil-out temperature control.

    For Energy Saving High Production frying, Specify the Delitas high efficiency gas fryers with 3 Path Heat Exchange Supreme Burner Technology. Low Exhaust Heat and quick temperature recovery.

    Programmable digital controller offers the precise heat responses and cooking compensation. (Range: 30 ~ 190℃)

    LED’s display a cooking time countdown, and provide precision frypot temperature checks, in addition to programmable “shake” and “hold” times, and much more.

    Safety Technology
    – Safety device for sensing a flame & turbo fan.
    – Dual overheat protector.
    – Self-diagnosis control.
    – Safety device for oil drain.

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