Elframo conveyor dishwasher ETE20

ETE20 Conveyor Dishwasher

    • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier Malaysia

    Elframo ETE  standard rack dishwashers  are perfect for heavy usage and for customers looking for high performance and sustainable running costs. These dishwashers can be fitted with various accessories and extra systems, such as boosted pre wash corner modules , service tables, sorting tables, rollers, various types of drying systems, etc. There are also various optional accessories, such as rinse-aid and peristaltic detergent dispensers, plus temperature control and monitoring via MODBUS interface

    • Double skinned supporting frame completely in S/S AISI 304
    • Control panel at the top of the machine
    • Washing/rinsing chambre with no welding
    • Wash tank unique mold no welding.
    • Double skinned counterbalanced guillottine door
    • Robust arms washing/rinsig S/S
    • Insulated boier in AISI 316 with provision for a third heating element
    • Boiler and tank temperature setting with digital thermo controls
    • Conveyor system with S/S central guide mechanism and safety micro-switch
    • Entry and rinsing economizer
    • Elframo Conveyor Dishwasher, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier Malaysia