Ceado Juice Extractor ES700

ES700 Juice Extractor

  • Juice Extractor Ceado Es700  is the latest generation, top of the line juice extractor with automatic pulp ejection, the only one on the market with a double feed chute for optimal extraction of juice from fruits & vegetables

    • Power : 800 Watts
    • 3000 RPM
    • Ceado Juice Extractor Es700 had two feed holes
    • Capacity : 2 liters of juice in just a minute
    • Productive constancy & quietness, the ideal business expansion for high-turnover juice bars that consume over 10 kg of fruit & vegetables a day
    • The grating disc and mesh filter are designed to extract the fruit juices gently, guaranteeing maximum performance also with leafy vegetables
    • Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer” – a stroke of genius by Ceado – the juice obtained is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste
    • The new material and the design of the motor’s cover allow for an incredible quietness, guaranteeing a pleasant environment for both customers and operators
    • Dishwashing is quick and easy, as the basket with magnetic catch and parts in contact with food are simple to remove and replace, with no tool required
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