TOURNUS armoire-de-sterilisation-80642

Sterilising Cabinet

    • Sterilising cabinets are used to sterilise knives in professional kitchens and food retailers
    • They are equipped with a tube that emits UV rays with a wavelength of 253.5 nanometres
    • This direct radiation sterilises any bacteria, preventing them from reproducing
    • The sloping top and bottom of the sterilising cabinet avoid the retention of water or dust
    • The stainless steel rack is removable. It is dishwasher-safe and cleaning the cabinet from the inside will be easier
    • The sterilising cabinet is equipped with a system that cuts off the lamp when the door is opened, so the user is not exposed to the UV radiation
    • The stop bar holds the knives or cutter blades to prevent them falling
    • The rack prevents any part of the knife blade from coming into contact with surfaces that could obstruct the efficiency of the radiation
    • The stop bar also allows non-magnetic kitchen utensils to be arranged. The depth of the sterilising cabinet allows cutting discs to be sterilised up to 157 mm