Dito Electrolux T10

T10 Vegetable Peeler

Capacity  : 10 kG , Up to 160 kG per hour

Power      : 3.7 kW

    • Suitable for 50-200 meals per service, Used for Potato, Onion, Garlic
    • Transparent lid in damage-resistant plastic material allows visibility during peeling cycle
    • Removable rotating plate covered in abrasive vitreous material lava stone to ensure high quality finish to peeled vegetables
    • Peels are reduced to small pieces to facilitate drainage process
    • Pulse function to control the unloading operation
    • Removable water inlet, clipped to the cover, designed to serve as a spray to clean the machine
    • Suitable for 50-200 meals per service
    • Vegetable Peeler Malaysia, Potato Peeler Malaysia