Electrolux Vegetable Slicer TR210

TR210 Vegetable Slicer

    • Suitable for 100-800 meals for table service and up to 1000 meals for catering service
    • 100-800 meals for table service and up to 1000 meals for catering service
    • Vegetable slicer unit has slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and french fries capabilities
    • Delivered with automatic hopper, cutting chamber, ejector disc
    • Continuous feed model capacity is 5 or 6 kg
    • All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools, stainless steel hopper, stainless steel lever and cutting chamber are dishwasher safe
    • Long vegetable hopper (4 round hoppers with different size) available as optional accessory to better fit different type of vegetables/fruits
    • Complete and wide selection of blades and grids available (diam. 205 mm)
    • Lever operated hopper (including long vegetable and half moon hoppers) to reach the maximum precision in the result (optional)
    • Smart design trolley to place the unit and the 2/1 GN tray to collect cut veggies, to maximize productivity and grant effortless operation (optional)
    • High flexibility and ergonomy thanks to the available optional accessories
    • Water protected planetary system (IP55 electrical controls, IP23 overall machine)
    • All discs (available on request) are made in stainless steel and dishwasher safe
    • Automatic hopper are made entirely in stainless steel for better durability
    •  Power: 500 watts 1 speed: 340 rpm
    • Performance (up to): 2100 – kg/hour
    • Long vegetable hopper, lever operated hopper and the smart trolley are made in stainless steel
    • Asynchronous silent industrial motor for heavy duty and longer life
    • Aluminum alloy motor housing, to improve motor ventilation without creating openings in the motor base frame