Elframo dishwasher BE40

Elframo Dishwasher BE40

Type : Undercounter

Power : Ac/240v/50hz/1ph

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    • Elframo Dishwasher Malaysia
    • Glasswashers are designed and built to deliver acceptable results with low running costs
    • These are ideal for bars and pubs looking for a compact, robust and simple machine with either a round or square basket
    •  Size:  400 mm (BE40)
    • The smaller dimensions of the BE series means these glasswashers are perfect where space is at a premium
    • This type of machine requires a single-phase electrical connection and a hot water tap
    • The glasswashers have a fixed 2-minute wash cycle and a boiler delay function to guarantee the perfect washing and rinsing of glasses, cups and saucers
    • Max height:  240 mm (BE40)
    • These glasswashers are built entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel
    • They have a double-skin door and single-skin walls, a top and bottom rotating wash arm and an in-tank pump filter
    • Optional devices include a peristaltic detergent dispenser and a waste evacuation pump.
    • The hydraulic rinse-aid dispenser is fitted as standard
    • On request, this can be replaced with a peristaltic version
    • The fixed tank thermostat guarantees maximum results with industrial detergents
    • The adjustable boiler thermostat lets you set the right temperature for perfect rinsing and sanitizing of all items
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